Sunshine Poms

 Welcome, my name is Ellen, my husband Willy and I live on a 15 acre farm in N. Central Florida with our wonderful Pommies,  and a myriad of other wildlife. Our first Pomeranian arrived here in 2000. We have lived here now for 16 years and thoroughly enjoy the lifestyle. We used to maintain an organic vegetable garden in complement to our egg and poultry production, but the dogs take all of our time these days! 

Our pom puppies live in our home with us and they have the run of the house. They are cherished members of our family who receive unconditional love and in turn they provide us with devoted companionship, and endless hours of antics that keeps us rolling with laughter. Don't tell them, but I think we get the better end of the deal!

Bailey, our oldest and a rescue, sadly has passed away at the end of February 2015, and was our granddaughter's "expert hunting dog"  and they got to go out on Safari every Wednesday had been reported that lions, tigers and bears had been spotted on the farm!  RIP Bailey we love you!