Sunshine Poms

Contract For Sale


Ellen Eriksson

6390 NE 160th Avenue

Williston, FL 32696



This contract of sale is being entered into on between,Sunshine Poms, Ellen Eriksson, Breeder,  hereinafter referred to as Seller) and                      (hereinafter referred to as Buyer).

In consideration of the sum of $            being the purchase price, and all the mutual promises contained herein, Seller promises to deliver and agrees to transfer ownership to the Buyer of a dog as specified below:  A non-refundable deposit of   $ 500.00 has been received and will be applied against the purchase price and the balance due at pick up will be $








The final payment, of Cashier’s Check, Postal Money Order or Cash, for said dog shall be made before delivery of dog by Seller .  Upon receipt of full purchase price Seller will provide Buyer with a Florida State Health Certificate from a licensed Veterinarian and a copy of this fully executed contract.

The seller does hereby warrant that the above dog is in good health.  However, if within three working days of purchase, the Seller is provided with a written statement by a licensed Veterinarian, of the Buyer’s choice, stating that the above mentioned dog was/is suffering from an infirmity or disease which causes it to be unfit for purchase, as of the purchase date, (said statement must include: the Buyer’s Name, Address, date dog was examined, breed and age of the dog that the Veterinarian examined, the dog, and Veterinarian’s findings of the disease/illness which causes it to be unfit for purchase or resulted in it’s death) and upon return of the above dog, if living, shipping to be paid by Buyer, the Seller will refund the full purchase price of the puppy.  Seller’s liability will be limited to the refund of purchase price.  It is also understood that any medical expenses, including routine health checkup and care are the Buyer’s obligation.  If Buyer elects  not to see a veterinarian of their choice within the three days from purchase the Replacement Warranty will become null and void. There are no guarantees as to color, size, bite, patellas, coxcidia, or ghiardia.

Companion Dogs: Dogs sold as companion quality, and must be spayed/neutered  by the age of 12 months, or upon the advice of it’s veterinarian, whichever is sooner.  Proof of spay/neuter must be provided to the Seller. Or in the case of an older bitch/dog the bitch/dog will be spayed/neutered prior to leaving.

Replacement Policy: This puppy may be replaced or original purchase price refunded (at Seller’s discretion)  within 1 years of said dog’s birth, if it is determined by a licensed Veterinarian of Seller’s choice, that due to some inherited health problem the dog cannot live a normal, healthy life and dog must be euthanized. If dog has genetic health issues which may be corrected with surgery or medical service, Seller may elect to assist with medical bills up to the original purchase price of the puppy, liability of seller is the original purchase price. Total liability of the seller will be to the amount of the purchase price of the puppy.    Proof by way of a Licensed Veterinarian Report will be required and must be provided to Seller’s Veterinarian.

Right of First Refusal: If for any reason Buyer cannot or chooses not to keep this dog Seller/Breeder the right of first refusal for the lifetime of the dog.  The return of this dog to the Seller/Breeder will be the at the expense of the Buyer.  This dog may not be sold, given away or leased without express written agreement of Seller/Breeder or Buyer will be subject to a $2000 fine.

Seller asks to be kept informed of the dog’s progress and health, which will include photos at least quarterly.

THIS DOG IS SOLD TO BE A HOUSE DOG. It’s sole joy in life is to give and receive love. It should never be relegated to live outside or in a kennel.

Buyer will provide this dog with quality dog food, proper veterinary care, a safe fenced yard and/or proper daily exercise.  Buyer will provide this dog with heartworm preventative according to their veterinarian’s recommendation.

This contract has been read by both parties and signatures below shows agreement.  Buyer recognized there is a Florida's Pet Law, Section 829.29 Florida Statutes and Buyer agrees to accept this contract as a waiver to the Statute.  Seller warrants this dog to be free of parasites, in good health and has been started on an inoculation program, which record is being provided to Buyer.



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Revised 5/9/16